This series examines the things that you want to hear about.

What About The Rapture?

9/13/15 - Thomas Osterkamp

What is the Rapture all about? Is the Lord going to return for the church? Do we have to go through a time of judgment here on this earth? This message seeks to answer all of these questions, as well as look at what the Old Testament has to say about this strange event called the Rapture.

What About Tattoos?

9/20/15 - Thomas Osterkamp

With the popularity of tattoos on the rise, there are many Christians who are asking the question, "Is it okay for me to get a tattoo?". But maybe there is a better question than that to ask. This message tries to answer some of questions surrounding tattoos.

What About The Unpardonable Sin?

9/27/15 - Thomas Osterkamp

Is there a sin that we can commit that God will not forgive us for, and if there is, what might it be? And is there a sin that we can commit that God would actually kill us for? You asked for it, so this message tries to shed some light on these sins.