There are so many traditions added to the birth of Christ. This series looks at what the Bible says about the Christmas story.

Unwrapping The Wise Men

12/03/17 - Thomas Osterkamp

There are a lot of traditions around the world about the wise men. Were there three of them or twelve? And why were they even in Jerusalem in the first place, and how did they know to go there? Surprisingly, the book of Daniel sheds a lot of light on who these men were.

Unwrapping The Star

12/10/17 - Thomas Osterkamp

The wise men saw the star in the east, but did they follow it all the way from the east to Jerusalem? Or did they follow something else to Jerusalem? By tearing through the misconceptions about the star, we can learn a lot about our own walk with the Lord.

Unwrapping The Angels

12/17/17 - Thomas Osterkamp

Did the angels sing to the shepherds that night? They might have, but the Bible doesn't tell us that they did. The important thing isn't whether or not the angels sang that night, but what matters is the song that you sing. Are you singing the song of the redeemed?

Unwrapping The Virgin Birth

12/24/17 - Thomas Osterkamp

Was Jesus born on December 25th, and if He wasn't when was He born? Was Jesus really born of a virgin, and if He was, why was it necessary for Him to be born of a virgin? And on top of all of this, what does the blood curse of Jeconiah have to do with the Christmas story?