God has the power to transform any life! This series shows us from the life of the Apostle Paul how God does that work in our lives.

The Difference One Person Can Make

6/1/14 - Thomas Osterkamp

The apostle Paul started out as an enemy of Jesus. He did everything that He could do to stamp out Christianity, but God used one person to make a difference in his life. And God wants to use you to make a difference in the lives of those who are around you. Someone cared enough about you to share Christ with you. Who is it that God would have you reach for Him?

The Light Of The Gospel

6/8/14 - Thomas Osterkamp

Paul was doing everything that he could do to earn God's favor, but he couldn't do it, and neither can we. Our righteousness is as filthy rags. Then the light of the Gospel shined in his heart, and he realized the error of his ways. That salvation was through the finished work of Christ, not the work that we can do. Are you still trusting in your own works, or what Jesus has done for you?

The Importance Of Discipleship

6/15/14 - Thomas Osterkamp

One person made a difference in Paul's life to lead him to salvation. God also used individuals to help further Paul along in his walk with the Lord. They helped him get baptized and jined together with other believers. God has commanded us to do the same thing. Who does God want you to help along in their relationship with Him?


6/22/14 - Thomas Osterkamp

After Paul trusted Jesus to save him from his sins, he didn't immediately go out and begin to plant churches and become the apostle to the gentiles. He first spent some time in training. He was instructed in the ways of the Lord. We have to know what it is that God wants us to do, before we can go out and do it.

Just Do It

6/29/14 - Thomas Osterkamp

When Paul came to Christ, God began that transformation in his life. He continued that process through instruction in His Word. When Paul knew what God wanted him to do, he was obedient to do it. What is it that the Lord wants you to do? If you know that there is something that God wants you to do, just do it.