There is a battle raging between good and evil. This series takes a closer look at the conflict between God and Satan.

Episode One: A Promise Of Hope

12/13/15 - Thomas Osterkamp

The battle begins when Satan decides that he doesn't just want to lead the worship of God, but he wants to be worshipped himself. He then plots to destroy God's creation, but in the middle of a dark time, God promises hope to fallen man.

Episode Two: The Devil Strikes Back

12/20/15 - Thomas Osterkamp

The Savior enters into the world to destroy the works of the Devil, but Satan won't give up without a fight. Over and over again, he tries to kill the Messiah, and win the battle once and for all. And just when it seems that all is lost, Jesus comes through in a powerful way.

Episode Three: Return Of The King

12/27/15 - Thomas Osterkamp

Jesus had left his followers, and Satan has established a powerful kingdom. He is persecuting God's people and is seeking to annihilate them. But just when things are at their darkest hour, the King of Kings returns to deliver His people and put down the Devil once and for all.