We are told to stand fast, but what are we to stand for? This series takes a look at five of those sayings.

Stand Fast In Liberty

4/2/17 - Kyle Cinereski

Jesus Christ has set us free! He has liberated us from the bondage of legality. Paul warned believers not to be decieved by those that were teaching that you had to go back under the bondage of laws and rules. There are those that still teach that today. We need to learn to stand and exercise the liberty that Jesus has given us.

Stand Fast In The Faith

4/9/17 - Kyle Cinereski

Paul encourages the Corinthian believers to watch. stand, to not quit, and be strong. We must be watchful, knowing that we have an enemy that wants to destroy us. But in doing these things, we mustn't leave off love. For if we are standing in all of these mentioned and have not charity it profits us nothing.

Stand Fast In One Spirit

4/16/17 - Kyle Cinereski

Unity is important in the body of Christ. We are told as Christians to stand together, strive together, and suffer together for the sake of the gospel. We need to put our pettiness aside for the greater cause of reaching people with the message of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Stand Fast In Traditions

4/23/17 - Kyle Cinereski

Traditions in and of themselves aren't wrong, but they become wrong when we value them above what the Bible says. When we are more protective over man made traditions than we are Biblical truth, then we have a problem. We ought to be holding to Biblical traditions that will help us grow in our walk with the Lord.

Stand Fast In The Lord

4/30/17 - Kyle Cinereski

Paul encourages the Thessalonian believers to stand fast in the Lord. Standing fast in the Lord brings comfort, life, joy, and fellowship. But our steadfastness doesn't just make these things a reality for the believer themselves, but also for those who have instructed us in the faith as well.