Fear often controls us, but this series seeks to help us conquer our fears and to live boldly in our faith.

What Are You Afraid Of?

8/16/15 - Thomas Osterkamp

Fear is a powerful emotion that can control and cripple us. We must ask ourselves the question, "What are you afraid of?" We are to live a life of boldness and power, and yet we often fall short of that. What is it that keeps you from living the life that Jesus wants you to live?

How Do You Have No Faith?

8/30/15 - Thomas Osterkamp

Time and again Jesus had shown His power to His disciples, and yet they still had no faith in who He was. We are often just like those disciples. Over and over again, God has provided for us in great ways, and yet we still allow fear to control us instead of having faith in Him.

Live In Boldness!

9/06/15 - Thomas Osterkamp

Jesus has given us plenty of reasons to trust Him in every situation. We do not have to allow fear to control us. Instead, we can remember how He has provided and protected in the past and use that information to live boldly in the present!