Life is filled with difficulties. This series seeks to help us have the proper response to those difficulties.

Rule 1 - Realize That God Means For You To Be Where You Are

3/7/16 - Thomas Osterkamp

Sometimes our lives take a major detour. Out of the blue, one moment can change everything. We can get to the place where we question God, and wonder if He even knows what we are going through. During these times, we must trust that we are right where God wants us to be.

Rule 2 - Be More Concerned With God's Glory Than Your Relief

3/8/16 - Thomas Osterkamp

In the midst of difficulty, we often look at things from a selfish point of view. We try to find the fastest and most pain free way of getting through what we are facing. When we ought to be looking for how God can be glorified through our circumstances.

Rule 3 - Acknowledge Your Enemy, But Keep Your Eyes On The Lord

3/15/16 - Thomas Osterkamp

Sometimes we focus in on the hardships that we are facing. We allow them to dominate our lives. It is all that we can think about or talk about. But God wants us to look above our circumstances, and to keep our attention on Him.

Rule 4 - Pray!

4/8/16 - Thomas Osterkamp

When things in life get difficult, God wants us to cry out to Him. As Jesus was facing the hardest moments of His life, He took time to pray. He instructed Peter to do the same. God deeply cares about what we are going through, and longs for us to take it to Him.

Rule 5 - Stay Calm And Confident, And Give God Time To Work

4/25/16 - Thomas Osterkamp

"Stand still." Those aren't really the words that we want to hear when we find ourselves in a painful situation, but that is exactly what God wanted Israel to do. The reason that He told them that, was so that He could show them that He was working on their behalf.

Rule 6 - When Unsure, Just Take The Next Logical Step By Faith

6/9/16 - Thomas Osterkamp

God rarely reveals His complete plan for us all at once. Most of the time He shows us what He wants from us one day at a time, one step at a time. We all have things that we know that we are supposed to do every day, so what is the next step that you need to take today?

Rule 7 - Envision God's Enveloping Presence

6/16/16 - Thomas Osterkamp

Sometimes when we are going through hard times, we feel as if we are all alone and that God is nowhere around. But even though we may not know where God is, He always knows where we are. And He is right there with us. He has promised to never leave us or forsake us.

Rule 8 - Trust God To Deliver In His Own Unique Way

12/8/16 - Thomas Osterkamp

We serve a God who loves to deliver His people when they are in trouble. But He rarely delivers in the same time and in the same way. He will deliver us in His own time and in His own way, so that He receives the glory for what He has done.