The Christian life has been likened to running a race. This series seeks to help us run to our full potential.

Getting In The Race

7/05/15 - Thomas Osterkamp

The Christian life is likened to running a race, but not everyone is in this race. You have to choose to enter this race. Going to church doesn't make you a Christian anymore than going to a Nascar race makes you a Nascar driver. You have to make a conscience choice to get into the race.

Running To Win

7/12/15 - Thomas Osterkamp

Some treat the Christian life like a walk in the park, but the Apostle Paul said that it was like running a race. And he encourages us to run to win. Jesus gave us everything that He had, and we are to give this race everything that is within us.

Staying On Course

7/19/15 - Thomas Osterkamp

A course for our lives has been set in front of each one of us. The guidelines for the race are the same for all of us, but our courses are different. We have been challenged to run that course and to stay within the boundaries that God has given to us.

Finishing Well

8/02/15 - Thomas Osterkamp

When running a race, the finish line should be the main thing on our minds. Finishing the race to the best of our ability ought to be our main goal. We often get sidetracked by focusing on the things around us, Paul challenges us to keep our eyes on Christ.