The way that we see things changes with our perspective. This series encourages us to look at things from God's point of view.

Looking At Trials From God's Point Of View

10/5/14 - Thomas Osterkamp

We all face difficult times in our lives. And usually during those tough times, we focus in on and only see our problems. From our perspective it's easy to feel overwhelmed by our circumstances. It's at those times that we need to step back and try to see our trials from God's point of view. He has a plan and a purpose for everything that we face. Instead of problems, we need to see possibilities.

Looking At Thinking From God's Point Of View

10/12/14 - Thomas Osterkamp

Our thought life is important. The spiritual battle takes place in the mind, and the Scripture tells us that our thought life determines who we are. So often our thoughts are consumed with ourselves. We are selfish people. We need to put on the mind of Christ. Jesus thoughts were not on Himself. He was always thinking of how He could be a help to others.

Looking At Works From God's Point Of View

10/19/14 - Thomas Osterkamp

There is nothing that we can do to earn salvation. It is a free gift from God. Just as we cannot work to earn God's favor for salvation, we cannot work to stay in a good standing with Him. Many Christians still live under a yoke of bondage of working to keep God's favor. Paul tells us that it's not about good works, but a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Looking At Peace From God's Point Of View

10/26/14 - Thomas Osterkamp

When we worry, it is because we are looking at life from our own point of view. God does not want us to worry. He does not want us to fear. Instead, He wants us to look at the things that go on in our lives from His point of view. When we do that, the peace of God protects us from fear and worry. Our perspective determines our reaction to the things that happen to us.