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LIFE Group

What is a LIFE Group?

LIFE Group is an integral part of our walk with God here at Good News. A LIFE Group is 5 to 20 people who gather weekly to encourage, challenge, and care for one another for the purpose of becoming fully devoted followers of Christ. We meet weekly to discuss the sermon that our Lead Pastor just gave and share ideas of how to specifically apply it to our own lives. We take time every week to fellowship, pray for each other, hold each other accountable to tell others about Jesus, and live out our faith every day.

Why do I need to be part of a LIFE Group?

Simply put, “life is better together!” God made us that way. As God was creating everything He said that everything was very good. Then He looked down at Adam all alone and said, "It is not good that the man should be alone." He designed us to live in community with one another so that we could encourage, challenge, and care for one another.

What is the life expectancy of a LIFE Group?

We encourage each group to commit to one another for a set period of time. LIFE Groups launch every year in September and run through August. Feel free to try out any group that you want to, but we encourage everyone to commit to one group so that you can build meaningful relationships that will help you navigate through the difficult moments in life and celebrate with you in the good times.

What is the role of a LIFE Group leader?

Life group leaders are responsible for providing their groups with support and encouragement. They do not need to be Bible experts or teachers. They simply need to love helping people take their next step with God. Leaders are successful when they are personally growing in their walk with God, community with Christians, and influence with those who haven't yet trusted in Jesus, and are leading their groups in such a way as to encourage the group members’ growth in these areas as well. Each LIFE Group leader is supported by the Lead Pastor.

How can I become a LIFE Group leader?

It is not difficult to become a LIFE Group leader, but it does involve a serious commitment to care for the members of your group. You can start by becoming an active member of your group and asking your leader how you can get more involved. If you are serious about leading a group, ask your leader for a LIFE Group leader application and a LIFE Group Leader manual. Once your application is submitted, you will have an interview with your leader and the Lead Pastor.

Dusty & Ashley

Dusty and Ashley lead a group for teens that meets Sundays at 11:15am in room 302.


Travis leads a group for adults that meets Sundays at 11:15am in the auditorium.

Coleen & Lynnita

Coleen and Lynnita lead a group that meets Sundays at 11:15am in room 301.