We have all been commanded to proclaim the good news. This series is meant to give you some practical helps in witnessing to others.

Defining The Good News

2/5/17 - Thomas Osterkamp

We have all been commanded to give out the good news, but are we even sure what the good news is? If we aren't sure, or we don't know, it is impossible for us to do what we have been told to do. Paul clearly defines the gospel for us so that we can deliver the proper message.

Preparing The Good News

2/12/17 - Thomas Osterkamp

Everyone that Jesus ministered to was on purpose. We too ought to have a plan for who we try to reach with the gospel of Christ. We should have a record of who we are witnessing to, and the contacts that we have made. Most likely, if we haven't planned to witness to someone, then we won't witness to them.

Clearing The Way For The Good News

2/19/17 - Thomas Osterkamp

As we try to reach people with the good news of Jesus, they will have questions. We need to be ready to get them an answer to what may be hindering them from putting their faith in Christ. We can use the Scriptures to clear the obstacles to salvation.

Carrying The Good News

2/26/17 - Thomas Osterkamp

We are to study, plan, and prepare to give the good news, but there has to be a time where we actually go and tell others about Jesus. Many people are unsure of what to say or even what Scriptures to use. This message will help you to understand what content needs to be in your gospel message.