The Old Testament has a lot to say about who the Messiah would be. Like footprints in the sand, it left a trail that led to Jesus.

Footprints Of His Birth

12/7/14 - Thomas Osterkamp

Everything about the Messiah's life was foretold in the Old Testament. Was Jesus the One that Israel had been looking for for so long? There were some very specific things about the Messiah's birth that had been prophesied. This message explores those prophecies to see if Jesus' birth fulfills every detail of the Messiah's birth.

Footprints Of His Childhood

12/14/14 - Thomas Osterkamp

The childhood of the Messiah would not be an easy one. It was prophesied that He would be mocked and ridiculed. Psalm 69 gives an insight into what His early life and family life would be like, and it doesn't paint a pretty picture. This message takes a look at the difficulties the Messiah would go through growing up.

Footprints Of His Death

12/21/14 - Thomas Osterkamp

One of the things that is often overlooked, is that the Messiah would come and that He would die. Many were looking for a king to setup a kingdom, and they missed the prophecies that He was going to give His life before that kingdom would be established. This message tracks down some of those prophecies to see if they were fulfilled in Jesus of Nazareth.