Living under control of the Spirit of God produces His fruit in our lives. This series takes a look at the fruit that our flesh produces.

The Fruit Of Immorality

4/3/16 - Thomas Osterkamp

When we live a life controlled by our flesh, we allow our lusts to dictate our lives. Living this way produces all kinds of immorality in our lives. The Bible very clearly tells us that adultery and fornication are wrong. God wants us to live pure lives before Him.

The Fruit Of Anger

4/10/16 - Thomas Osterkamp

The fruit of anger is a sign that you are living a life controlled by the flesh. Giving in to our anger can lead to all kinds of other problems in our lives. When we live angry lives, we are not representing Christ to this world in the proper way.

The Fruit Of Idolatry

4/17/16 - Thomas Osterkamp

God wants to be first place in our lives, but that is impossible if we are living a life controlled by our own flesh. We exalt all kinds of people, places, and things to a position that was meant only for Him. Take a look at where you spend your time, talents, and treasure and that will tell you what is first in your life.

The Fruit Of Drunkenness

4/24/16 - Thomas Osterkamp

Too often we live our lives only for the here and now, rather than having eternity in view. As Christians, we are not to surrender control of our lives to alcohol, drugs, or any other vice that this world has to offer, but we are to live a life controlled by the Spirit of God. What is it that controls your life?