Doomsday is coming! This series seeks to help us be prepared for what's ahead.

Are You Ready?

6/07/15 - Thomas Osterkamp

Are you ready for the end of the world? God doesn't want anyone to be caught off guard, so He very clearly tells us what to be looking for and how to be ready. If we are caught unawares, it is our fault, not His. Make sure that you are ready today!

Do You Have Shelter?

6/14/15 - Thomas Osterkamp

In every situation, shelter is vitally important, but especially when disaster strikes. Without shelter, we are vulnerable. When it comes to the end of the world, our shelter has already been prepared, but we have to make our reservations ahead of time. Do you have shelter?

Do You Have Food And Water?

6/21/15 - Thomas Osterkamp

Without food and water, we won't last long. It is important that we get our stockpile ready ahead of what ever trouble may come. Fortunately for us, provisions for us have already been made. Do you have the provisions that you need for the end of the world?