What does it mean to be consecrated to God? This series seeks to answer that question.

Denying Self

10/8/17 - Kyle Cinereski

There are three parts to a consecrated life. The first part involves denying yourself. You cannot be consecrated to God if you are living a life controlled by your own desires. Consecration involves dying to self and living for God. If we do not deny self, then we are denying Christ.

Taking Up Our Cross

10/15/17 - Kyle Cinereski

The second part to living a life that is consecrated to God, involves taking up our cross. There is a lot of misunderstanding about what it means to take up your cross. It doesn't mean enduring hardship, bad health, or some other difficulty. Taking up our cross is bearing and sharing the reproach of Christ.

Follow Me

10/29/17 - Kyle Cinereski

The third key to living a consecrated life is following Jesus. We follow so many other things, but we cannot be consecrated to God, if we aren't willing to follow Him. Following our Savior is going to demand our identification, His instruction, and lastly, our involvement.