Money can be such a touchy topic. This series looks deeper into what the Bible says about giving.

They Gave Themselves First

7/3/16 - Thomas Osterkamp

The Christians in Macedonia gave sacrificially and out of deep poverty. Why would they do that? They gave like they did, because they had already given themselves to the Lord. They realized that everything that they had belonged to God anyway. So they were glad to give to God and to their fellow Christians who were in need.


7/10/16 - Thomas Osterkamp

The word tithe means "tenth". Based upon the meaning of the word tithe, we have been told that 10% belongs to the Lord and the rest is mine to do what I want with. But how much did they actually tithe in the Old Testament, and what was it used for? This message answers those questions as well as a few others.


7/17/16 - Thomas Osterkamp

The children of Israel had tithes that were mandatory, but they also had offerings that were on top of their tithes. When they were getting ready to build the tabernacle and the furniture for it, they took up a free-will offering. We should be glad to give whatever the Lord lays on our hearts to give. God loves a cheerful giver.


8/3/16 - Thomas Osterkamp

As Christians, we are commanded to take the Gospel to the world, but how can we do this? We can only be in one place at one time. This seems like an impossible task, but we can help others to go where we cannot. When we give to help someone carry the gospel to some far off place, we partner together with them to reach people that we never could on our own.