As Jesus hung on the cross, He was surrounded by people. This series looks at those who were there, and helps us identify who we are.


4/6/14 - Thomas Osterkamp

As we look around the cross, as Jesus is paying the price for our sins, we notice that there are people who are not there that we have expected to be there. There are those that Jesus invested His life in and was sacrificing everything for, and yet in His greatest hour of need, they have abandoned Him.


4/13/14 - Thomas Osterkamp

There were those at the cross that day that were only there to profit off of the Lord Jesus Christ. Which was a constant in Jesus' earthly ministry. There were those that followed Him to see a miracle. There were others who only followed Him to be fed. Even today, many people only follow Jesus for what He can do for them.


4/27/14 - Thomas Osterkamp

While Jesus was suffering on the cross, there were those that stood by mocking Him in His time of agony. Jesus had been scorned for much of the time that He walked the earth. The mockery continues on to this day. Some mock Him with their words. Others mock Him in what they do. And there are some who mock Jesus with their very lives.