Abuse can affect you for your entire life. This series seeks to shed some light on this dark subject.

Beating Spritual Abuse

10/2/16 - Thomas Osterkamp

Paul warned Titus about the commandments of men, because they can be so damaging. People often push their own ideas, agendas, and preferences off as Scripture to control people's homes, hearts, and lives. We need to study the Bible, so that we know the truth and can recognize these commandments of men.

Beating Physical Abuse

10/9/16 - Thomas Osterkamp

Physical abuse is never okay. If you are in a physically abusive situation, you need to get out as soon as it is safe for you to do so. If you know someone in a physically abusive relationship, you need to reach out and try to help that person. The abusive situation will not get better on its own.

Beating Emotional Abuse

10/16/16 - Thomas Osterkamp

Words are so powerful. They can either build up and encourage, or they can tear down and destroy. The repercussions of our words can last for an entire lifetime. Knowing the effect that we can have on those around us, all of our words and actions ought to be filtered by love.

Beating Sexual Abuse

10/23/16 - Thomas Osterkamp

Sexual abuse is a plague on our society, and statistics tell us that it has happened to you or someone who is close to you. Do you know the signs to look for in someone who is being sexually abused? If we suspect that someone may be in trouble, we have a responsibility to do something to help them.

A Story Of Beating Abuse

10/30/16 - Thomas Osterkamp

Roxanne shares the story of her life of abuse and how after 21 years, she was able to escape.